Generatoren MGH-Series

Frequency 400 kHz, 600 KHz, 1 MHz and 2 MHz

Most compact 2000 Watt Generator in the market

By its absolutely new circuit design, with state of the art semiconductors and Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) highest efficiency and a very compact design is achieved
Up to 4 Megasonic High Power Modules fitted in a high-quality EMC-screened 19” enclosure achieve together remarkable 2000 Watt output power at 400 kHz / 600 kHz / 1 MHz and 1200 Watt output power at 2 MHz.

The essential features are:

  • Most compact 2000 Watt Generator in the market → minimal space requirements in the machine
  • Autotuning for ideal operation of the Piezo Transducer array → uniform Megasonic energy transfer under different operating conditions
  • Minimal reflected power → outcomes absolutely high efficiency
  • Adjustable output power of each Megasonic High Power Module (Manually or via Interface) → variable Megasonic energy transfer
  • Adaptable to a variation of different Megasonic Transducer types (also from other manufacturers) → flexible use with 50 Ohm output impedance
  • Modular 19” Technology also mountable in 19” cabinets with additional mounting angles → easy installation and high degree of service friendliness