Megasonic Single-/Dual-/Triple-Nozzle

Concentration on the essentials – contact-less cleaning

The transducer in the Megasonic Nozzle generates a Megasonic wave, which is transmitted through a flowing liquid (e.g.: DI-water) to the surface of the substrate. The Megasonic energy is concentrated on a small point of 2 or 4 mm.
SONOSYS® Megasonic nozzles are offered in the frequencies of NEW: 600 kHz / 1 MHz / 2 MHz / 3 MHz / 4 MHz and 5 MHz.

This tankless Megasonic Nozzle system provides advanced non contact cleaning processes.

Cleaning of Single Wafers, Masks, LCD‘s, Substrates and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), and with 600 kHz also larger particles in the optic industry, from medical devices and sensors.